MF's response to complex migration emergencies is coordinated by the Emergency and Post-Crisis Division (EPC) providing a comprehensive and flexible assistance approach to all categories of vulnerable populations whether as a result of natural or man-made disasters.

EPC is tasked to ensure that operations are implemented so as to make an effective contribution to upholding the individual human rights of migrants. It supports contingency planning by the Field Missions and helps them respond swiftly during the return and reintegration phases of emergency situations, the ultimate aim being to mitigate the factors that cause tension and displacement.

With due consideration for individual mandates and expertise, IOM supports a collaborative response that is inclusive of all key agencies, host governments, partners and other stakeholders. Accordingly, EPC cooperates with the UN system and other organizations through the Inter-Agency Standing Committee, its participation in the United Nations Consolidated Appeal Process, its lead role under the Cluster Approach in Camp Co-coordination and Camp Management in Natural Disasters, and as a key partner in Emergency Shelter, Logistics, Health, Protection and Early Recovery. The Division's activities within the context of Civil-Military Cooperation also contribute to building trust and understanding, thus ensuring that responses are optimized and lives can be saved quickly and effectively during times of crisis and natural disasters.

  • Assistance to Displaced Persons
  • Reintegration of Former Combatants
  • Civil Military Coordination
  • Cluster Approach
  • Logistical Support
  • Gender Focus
  • Private Sector